You can drive, but you can't hide from the mighty...

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Out now Steam and Itch!


Terrawurm is a super fast-paced arcade game:

errawurm Hooman

The goal is simple, grab gems while avoiding the mighty Terrawurm!

errawurm Hooman

Terrawurm is available now on Steam and Itch




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Before buying, how about trying the DRM free demo first?

Why the heck did we make Terrawurm?

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At Prospect we help people make weird and wonderful games :D

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Do you want to see Terrawurm on Xbox One, PS4, Switch or even your smart fridge?!

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We want to bring Terrawurm to more platforms and to do that we need your help!


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*We're probably never releasing Terrawurm on a smart fridge...