Life at Prospect

Based in the heart of Eccles, we have a snug office where it's impossible not to rub elbows with the team or locals! Everyone at Prospect takes on several development roles and shares the responsibility of ensuring our games are top quality.

We listen and learn from one another and never judge any idea as too ridiculous - after all we did spend almost 3 years making a game about sentient cardboard boxes!


Mental and physical health is a top priority for Prospect and we strive to ensure we're driven by positive pressure.


Beyond Prospect

With such rapid technological change, few people stay in one place too long in the games industry. Unfortunately many find themselves stuck between jobs which can ultimately lead to some leaving the industry altogether. At Prospect we do everything we can to equip our developers with relevant skills and help them connect with other teams in the industry.

We're proud to say that over 90% of our staff find work at another studio within a month of moving on from Prospect.